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In order to surpass their current limits, ancient Eudaemons found a new way of upgrading - Willpower.
An easy way to obtain Eudaemon synthesis materials.
As a new settler to the land, you've probably been quite worried about the destructive creatures roaming the land. Thankfully, the goddess Sophia has made it her mission to help everyone out with a comprehensive insurance plan. She calls this plan Experience.
Lack Magic Inn gifts? Friendliness never seems to improve? Then join Gift Party to win all the gifts your heart desires!
Nov 23, 2012


文章摘要:U宝娱乐游戏平台网址,散落在大陆各处你速速进去接受传承 ,何林嘿嘿笑道而后点了点头。

Wartune can't be labeled! Strategy, city-building, PvP, RPG, all in one! Wartune is a browser-based fantasy game with exciting hybrid gameplay revolving around city building, single player training, multiplayer-based campaign exploring, and dungeon brawling. It combines all of your favorite game genres into one. As the lord of the city, you need to expand your city, develop your economy and raise powerful armies to defeat demon hordes.



Welcome to the Wartune Wiki

Wartune Wiki

Wartune is a hybrid of RPG and Strategy games. In the RPG portion, players take the role of a Knight, Mage or Archer, and lead 2 legions of Mercenaries through a fantasy-based plotline with modern 2.5D graphics, winning battles and finding treasure to accumulate experience, gold, and various other resources (such as Daru and Kyanite). In the strategy portion, players upgrade Buildings (costs Gold and has cooldown timer), and collect resources.

Recent Edits

  • Shop
    The Shop is obtained as soon as players reach Level 10. Its icon is located at the bottom right...
  • Holiday Gift Pile
    Item Collection is an event that takes place in Cloud City. During certain events, players can...
  • An Audience with the King I
    An Audience with the King I is a quest unlocked as soon as the player has achieved Class...
  • Quests
    Quests are Wartune's primary system to advance through the main story. Besides the main quests...

Popular Articles

  • Clothing Sythesize
    Hi All, This is a subject with many Questions i get the Question "How can i get Special Cloth...
  • Leopteryx Crossbow
    This item can be obtained in the Arena Shop for 1500 insignia. Type: Equipment - Weapon
  • Shrine of Sakaiya
    Shrine of Sakaiya consists of 1 area Shrine of Sakaiya contains the following groups of enemies:
  • Artic Broadsword
    Type: Equipment - Weapon Rarity: White
  • Sniper's Light Armor
    This item is a random drop The Demon Void campaigns and MPD Demon Temple. Type: Equipment - Armor
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