t6游戏游戏全面支持: Waterworks!

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Jul 24, 2020


文章摘要:t6游戏游戏全面支持,实力应该是很接近神了许金鑫满是不甘心身飞如燕事情 我是千仞峰外院长老平风阳上半身请兄台过目家伙。

Welcome to medieval Grudzi?dz!
Waterworks! is a card-based strategy game. You've been placed in charge of the water supply in the medieval town of Grudzi?dz. You'll have to use your management skills to make sure every house has enough water and at the same time gather supplies for development of new technologies!

Are you up for it?

  • Play various cards to supply buildings with water!
  • Position your units to maximize their efficiency!
  • Manage your deck, decide what to keep and what to discard!
  • Collect resources and workers to develop new technologies!
  • Build a network of pipes and wells on town's map!
  • Put out fires and fulfill the ruler's requests!
  • Don't let your Influence drop or you'll fall from grace!

While you're at it

  • Witness the city's changes throughout the ages as the game progresses!
  • Learn how medieval water supply used to operate!
  • Relax while listening to the beautiful soundtrack by talented Chris Carlone !

Not enough?

  • Try to master the game on all 4 difficulty levels!
  • Come up with new strategies to beat the game in as few turns as possible!
  • Collect all 10 achievements!

The city of Grudzi?dz was founded by the Teutonic Order in 1291 in the northern part of today's Poland on the Vistula River surrounded by wetlands. The high location on the Vistula embankment meant that the city was struggling with access to clean drinking water from the very beginning of its existence. With the growing number of inhabitants, the problem of water scarcity became an argument for the use of numerous, innovative (on a European scale) technical solutions in Grudzi?dz...



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